Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick | Review & Swatches

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick | Review & Swatches

Matte lips had their time to shine, it’s about time that gloss makes a comeback! While I’m a unbiased lover of all lippies, I cannot resist a great lip gloss. Marc Jacobs Beauty has launched their Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Sticks (0.074 oz, $28USD). These are meant to be part shiny gloss, part tinted balm with lip care benefits. Influenster was kind enough to send me 2 of the 8 shades to test and review. The shades I got were Uh-Huh Honey and Candy Bling.

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Sunscreen Review & Comparison: Missha, Neogen, COSRX, Peripera

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The biggest skin care “secret” I have heard over and over again is the importance of wearing sun protection daily. Like most things that are beneficial to your body, it can be a hard habit to maintain. The best way I found to jump start wearing sunscreen daily is to try beginning in the summer. The heat and sun everyday will be a constant reminder to slather on some SPF in the morning and continue doing so throughout the day. Once you start doing it for a month or two, it naturally becomes part of your daily routine. 

I usually have bottles of sunscreen lying everywhere. Whether I love the formula or not, if I always have it on hand, I’ll apply it. Most sunscreen products falls in the mediocre range for me. I have ones that I really like, and then ones that have white cast or greasiness that I don’t mind using but most likely wouldn’t repurchase. I thought I’d share the 4 current sunscreen products I am using and share my thoughts. Check out the Instagram videos for swatches and how well each one blends.

Missha’s All-Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk (70ml, ~$22USD) has broad spectrum 50+ protection and is a combination physical chemical sunscreen. The formula is very thin and water-y but it isn’t hard to apply. I normally gravitate to sun products with this texture because they wear super lightweight and tend to feel less greasy. The finish is semi-matte, which is perfect for my combo skin. There is a visible white cast but if you really blend it in, most of it disappears. Makeup layers over it perfectly fine. The product is supposed to be sweat, water, and sebum-proof. I don’t notice much in terms of sebum control but I have worn it through strenuous activity and found it held up against sweat. Overall, it is a good choice for those who prefer a lightweight sunscreen that is slightly magnifying on application. (I would recommend patch testing if you have skin that is sensitive to alcohol or fragrance). Available on Amazon, Target, and the Missha website

Neogen’s Day-Light Protection Sunscreen (1.69oz, 50ml, $30USD) has broad spectrum 50+ protection and is also a physical and chemical sunscreen. The product page on Sephora highlights its lightweight and hydrating formula, which I can attest to. It does not leave your face greasy but it will function as your moisturizer in the summer if you have combination skin. It has a very light fragrance and no visible white cast. The finish gives you a nice base to apply makeup. It works well but it does come with a hefty price tag, so although I do like it, I don’t think I would repurchase. Overall, an option for those looking for lightweight hydrating sunscreen with no white cast. (I would recommend patch testing if you have skin that is sensitive to essential oils or fragrance). Available on Amazon, Sephora, and SoKo Glam.

COSRX’s Aloe Soothing Sun Cream (1.69oz, 50ml, ~$14USD) contains SPF50+ and is a chemical sunscreen. It is supposed to soothe and moisturize skin. Of all the sunscreen I am currently using, it is the thickest in consistency. It does apply very easily and leaves the skin a bit dewy, I don’t notice any change in redness/skin soothing capabilities. The scent is strong but I think it smells nice and fragrance doesn’t irritate my skin. I usually let this dry down for 10-15 minutes before applying anything on top, there is no white cast. Makeup is a bit of a toss up. I find that light to medium coverage makeup wears fine over this but full coverage makeup doesn’t even if I wait for it to set completely. It feels a bit heavier than the first two I’ve mentioned but it applies and wears similarly to the Neogen SS on me. The verdict: good option for those looking for an affordable hydrating sunscreen with no white cast. Available on Amazon, YesStyle, and Wishtrend.

PeriPera’s No Sebum Milk Sun Cushion (0.5oz, ~$12USD) contains SPF 50+ and is a physical sunscreen. The product is supposed to control sebum and oil and give a “makeup effect” that can be applied before or after makeup. The formula is very thin and applies easily with the puff. The cushion makes it easy to bring around and reapply. This product does have a scent, but it is fresh smelling and doesn’t linger after application. The finish is matte, which is perfect for me when I need to touch up throughout the day because it acts like a blotting sheet. If you have normal to dry skin, you may not like how this applies over makeup. My biggest issue is the white cast, which was passable in the winter but not anymore. Overall, this is an option for those who are on the oily side that don’t mind the visible white cast. 

Of the four, I would most likely stick with the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. It works well with my skin in the summer months and it's very affordable. I have yet to find an HG sunscreen that ticks all my boxes. Let me know some of yours!


Wet 'n' Wild Mega Cushion Highlight & Mega Cushion Contour | Review + Swatches

It has been a long time since I started using cushions. It’s been exciting to see this Korean beauty trend break into the US market with larger shade ranges and more affordable pricing. Although I am used to the typical cushion foundation or lip tint, I am entirely new to cushion highlighters, bronzers, and color correctors. I stumbled across the Wet ’n Wild Mega Cushion line at Walgreens and couldn’t help myself.

The Spring 2017 collection included the Mega Cushion Highlight and the Mega Cushion Contour. Both cushions come in one shade, the highlight, ‘Who’s That Pearl?’ and the contour, ‘Cafe Au Slay!’ Wet ’n Wild boast that they have a featherweight finish, are ultra-bendable, and are super convenient. There is 0.24 oz of product in each cushion and they retail for $5.99USD.

For those unfamiliar with cushions, the liquid product (usually foundation) is soaked in a sponge and comes with a puff/cushion applicator. The cushion packaging is supposed to make it quick and easy to apply and touch up with a liquid foundation, which is why I question it’s convenience as a highlighter or a contour product.

The packaging differs from traditional cushions in that it is not a compact. The cap comes off completely and the plastic divider that separates the product with the applicator also comes off completely. To me, this completely destroys the ease of use that a cushion is supposed to give you. You wouldn’t want to throw this in your bag for touch-ups, as it is essential three separate parts. The puff included isn’t the best, I find that US brands haven’t invested as much into the technology of the puff applicator as they have in higher end or Korean brands. Brushes and a BeautyBlender works better with both products.

Like most cushions, the liquid product is very watery, this allows you to customize how subtle or strong you want to wear them. The bronzer is buildable so it can work across a range of light to medium skin tones . The watery texture sets quickly so blending after applying it onto the face is important. When it does set, it really does not move and has a matte finish. It lasted all day on me and a small amount went a long way. The highlight has the same texture and it is a light pearly shade. I found that this set similarly to bronzer but did not last as long. Like the bronzer, it is very lightweight and a very small amount worked well for me. It can get very dewy and intense so a little does go a long way, especially if you have oily skin.

Overall, I was impressed with the staying power of the Mega Cushion Contour but the packaging is just not worth it to me. Any other way to bronze or contour your face might be more convenient. The highlight is gorgeous and last quite well on my oily skin on it’s own. I like that it can be a light dewy highlight or an intense one just by layering it. Wet ’n Wild really knocks it out of the park with the claim of featherweight finish, While I like both products, I don’t know if either one necessarily needs to be a cushion product. Both would be easier to use if they were packaged differently. 

Besides the gimmick-y packaging, the products themselves are pretty great and a bargain as well. You can purchase them on the Wet n Wild website or on Amazon. What do you guys think about these cushions?


NYX Total Control Drop Foundation | Review + Swatch

With a new year comes new goodies in the drugstore beauty aisle. It seems like the drugstore makeup brands are really starting to step up their foundation lines. NYX is no exception, with their recently released Total Control Drop Foundation. NYX has taken the dropper idea and made it something completely new. No need to mix with anything, the Drop Foundation covers your needs whether it be light or full coverage. 

NYX describes the Total Control Drop Foundation as a matte finish foundation with the ability to adjust to your ideal coverage. The more drops you use, the higher the coverage. The drop foundation comes in 24 different shades and is housed in a dropper style bottle. The retail price is $14, and it comes with 0.43 ounces of product.

I’ll start out by saying that I have combination skin. Super oily t-zone and dry everywhere else which usually means that not one single foundation is going to be perfect for me. With that being said, I think the Total Control Drop Foundation is pretty great. There are pros and cons, especially if you have a similar skin type to me. If you have a normal skin type, I think you are going to love everything about this foundation.

I find that the matte finish was really working against me in the areas where my skin was slightly flaky. A little extra moisturizing fixed the issue for me and it’s easy to work around if your skin isn’t dry all over. If you have a super dry skin type, I wouldn’t recommend this to you. The formula clings to really dry patches and can look powder-y after a couple hours.

There are also cons to this if you have super oily skin. After 6 or 7 hours I can see the foundation separating and creasing on my nose. The foundation slips and moves around after the 7 hour mark.  It isn’t a problem in the first couple hours, but I find that I need to blot throughout the day.

For light to medium coverage, which is what I prefer, 4-5 drops for my whole face worked perfectly. I usually use an extra drop after blending it out for my nose area or to cover any redness showing through. It covered up my uneven skin tone and some hyper pigmentation. The formula is watery and I found my BeautyBlender to be the best option for blending it into the skin. It feels extremely light weight on, even if you build the coverage up. 

Overall, I like the idea of the Total Control Drops and I prefer it’s lightweight wear. I like how matte the finish is and it looks amazing on first application. I wish it was a little more long wearing on me, if it didn’t settle on my nose like it does, I would be in love. As long as you aren’t extremely oily, this will be a long wearing foundation on you. The NYX Total Control Drops are available on and! Let me know what you guys think!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review + Swatches

It’s been eight long months of waiting but the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is back (along with a whole collection of peach themed products)! I picked up a palette on Sephora in the beginning of April and neglected writing a blog post since it was limited edition and Too Faced said they weren’t restocking it at first. Now, it’s back by popular demand, the hype is back, and I thought I would include my two cents.

The Sweet Peach Palette is packaged in a metal tin with a magnetic closure. The cute peach shapes and the pink to peach ombre is adorable and adds a lot of character to the palette. It comes with 18 eyeshadows, each containing 0.03 grams of product (as opposed to the Chocolate Bar palettes that come with 14 shadows of the same size and then 2 larger highlight shades. The Sweet Peach Palette houses less total product than any of the Chocolate Bar Palettes). The shadows smell like super sweet peach candies, it doesn’t linger when you actually apply it but it is very strong. The palette retails for $49USD. 

The palette contains a good mix of colors and finishes. I do have to say that I was disappointed with the number of peach shades, I wanted to have some more peachy colors to play with. You really only get ‘Just Peachy’, 'Candied Peach’, and ‘Bellini’. After taking a quick look, the palette as a whole without those three shades looks pretty much like any other neutral palette. I can see the benefit of making it a palette that houses everything you would need, but if you have a lot of neutral eyeshadow palettes, you don’t really need to pay $50 for this one just to get a few peachy-toned shadows.

The shadows are all soft in texture and they blend quite easily. They all swatch very nicely and as with any shadow, they will apply and wear better with primer. Some shades work better on the lids than others. I had a slightly harder time with the pigmentation and wear with the darker shades and some of the mattes. The formula across the board is not bad but it's nothing notable, a mix of some great shades and some under performing ones. The shimmery shadows worked best on me, and I really enjoy using the three peach shades. I would say it's a nice palette to have but it's not something I reach for very often.

Overall, if you are looking for a palette that contains peachy, fun, bright shades with a solid formula, this is not going to do it for you. The packaging is extremely adorable and I really like the scent so I feel like the hype mostly lives around that. I don’t think it is a must have but if you want a neutral palette with a pop of color, the Sweet Peach Palette may be a good buy for you. 

The Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette will be available on at Midnight on December 14th. It will also be available on,, and on December 15th!

Let me know you thoughts on the Sweet Peach collection!