LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick 'Blessed' | Review + Swatches | SwordBeauty

LA Girl Cosmetics recently launched a new line of matte lipsticks with 26 shades! The Matte Flat Velvet Lipsticks boast a formula that includes shea butter to be hydrating while setting matte. So many people loved LA Girl's Flat Matte Pigment Gloss (FULL REVIEW AND SWATCHES), but found them drying. When I saw these at Ricky's in SoHo, I knew I needed to try one to test. The shade range is very large, a good amount of purples, pinks, nudes and even some blue/grey thrown in there  (adding a green shade would really have made it perfect).

The lipstick is packaged in a black plastic cylindrical tube with the shade color on the top of the cap. The retail price at Ricky's is $4 (for 0.10 oz), but they are currently selling on for $2.99. It is also vanilla scented, but it's not a strong scent when applied. I wanted to try a shade that I don't own too much of so I chose 'Blessed', a bright pink.

I am a lover of all matte lipsticks, liquid or not, but I know many people want a matte finish without liquid lipstick. I was expecting great things with this lipstick but I was slightly disappointed. The shade is beautiful but the formula is hard to work with. It takes many passes to build the color up which can be a plus for some but is a negative for me personally. It drags on the lips and hugs unflattering lip lines when applied alone. I have not worn it without lip balm except to test it. I also found that I have to have my lips exfoliated very well for the best looking application. 

The up side is the wear, it's really comfortable on the lips even when I layered it on pretty thick to get full color coverage. I like the wear more on the Velvet Lipsticks than the Pigment Glosses, but I prefer the Pigment Glosses overall because of the application and how long they last. The Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick does not last as long as a matte liquid lipstick but it doesn't budge when pressed lightly (it does transfer with more force though). I think the lip swatch looks a lot better in photos then it does in person, it's one of those lipsticks that look great far away and not so good close-up. As time goes on the product starts bunching up on the inside of the lips and in lip lines. Even with the issues, the price point and color selection really make this product a maybe for me. It doesn't have the drying quality of other mattes but it has its own set of cons.

All 26 shades are available for purchase on the LA Girl website, as well as and Ricky's in stores (in NYC) and on line.