NEW H&M Beauty Line | Lip Products | Review + Swatches | SwordBeauty

I always knew H&M sold some makeup, usually boxed near the register and I was surprised to see most of it on sale for $1 a couple months ago. Little did I know, H&M revamped their whole beauty line and has recently launched it in the US. I couldn't wait for products to hit stores so I ordered online as soon as they were available.  I ended up picking up six makeup products (they sell new body products and beauty tools as well). The three lip products I purchased includes the

Cream Lipstick in 'So Cocoa' ($9.99),

Liquid Lipstick/Velvet Lip Cream in 'Dare Me' ($9.99),

Lipstick Pencil/Lip Colour-To-Go in 'When In Rome' ($6.99). 

First off, the packaging looks incredibly luxe for something at this price point. The feeling is a little different though, especially for the pan products, very light and plastic-y, which did not really bother me (except for the lipsticks, they look and feel great). My package came a little messy, for the face items, there was excess product in and outside of the packaging when I opened it, but it wasn't from the pan itself. The lip products all came fine in their packaging. Other than that, I was really happy with how pretty everything looked.

The Cream Lipstick is going to be hit or miss for most I think. It's so soft and slick that it moves around on the lips way too much for my liking. It is very very pigmented but doesn't last on me at all and it transfers very easily. I'm definitely going to check them out in stores to see if all the lipstick shades are like this, if there's a shade that's slightly more stiff, I will let you guys know.

The Velvet Lip Cream is called Liquid Lipstick on the website and it was a bit of a miss for me as it doesn't last as long as a matte liquid lipstick but is just as, if not more, drying. It's a shame because 'Dare Me' is such a pretty shade, if you have a problem with most of the drying on the matte liquid lipsticks on the market, I would recommend staying away from these. The formula flakes on me pretty badly.

The Lip Colour-To-Go is called Lipstick Pencil on the website, it has the finish and wear feel of a thin balm-type lipstick, I was expecting it to be like a chubby lipstick or lip liner of some sort but leans toward a tinted lip balm, which isn't bad. It's scented pretty strongly like artificial cherries or candies. It's slightly drying but I really like the natural wash of color on the lips and the color is build able to an extent. The finish is slightly tacky but I think that helps with wear time. Of all three products, this one is probably the best performer.

'So Cocoa' looks really purple in the lip swatch but it actually a lot more brown toned in person, like in the arm swatch.

The first three products I tried from the beauty line were just okay. A plus is that most of the products are on the more affordable side but nothing was amazing. I had high expectations based off of what I was hearing from others and it was mostly a let down. I wish I had purchased some of the eye makeup but I will most likely go to the store to swatch those. Part two of the H&M beauty line review will be up later this week (face products)! Have you guys seen the collection? What are your thoughts?