HOW TO: 3 Easy Winged Liner Techniques | Tutorial | SwordBeauty

The most classic and iconic eye makeup look has to be winged eyeliner or the cat-eye. Everyone's got their own unique way of doing their winged liner but a lot of people have some issues with getting their line down straight and even. Today, I'm going to share my three customizable techniques to complete your own perfect winged liner look.

The first method is the classic scotch-tape method (stick the tape onto your skin first and then to your eye to decrease the amount of adhesive that will be tugging at the sensitive eye skin). [1] Line the tape up to where you would like your wing to sit. I chose the natural path of the lower lash line but you can position the tape at any angle. [2] Using your liner, draw an almost straight line, this will be the highest your liner with go. Keep this line equidistant from you lash line the whole way through. At this point, you will not have yet created your wing, just the liner that will connect to the wing. [3] Create a triangle, with one side as the tape and one side as the line you've already drawn. This will be you wing, make this triangle as large or small as you'd like. [4] Finally, connect a line from your inner corner to the one you've drawn in step two. Fill in the lines to create your winged liner.

The second method is the triangle method. [1] Draw a right triangle at the outer corner of your eye. Change the angle if you want a higher wing or a longer one. [2] At the center of your lid, put a point or line to mark what will be come the highest point of your liner. This will help you "connect the dots" when you fill in your liner later. [3] Connect a line from your inner corner to the highest point of the point created in step two. Follow through on that line to connect to the triangle drawn in step one. Fill in the lines to create your winged liner.

The final method is the eyebrow tail method. Your wing will point to the very end of your eyebrow. This technique is perfect for those who prefer the scotch tape method without the adhesive tugging around the eye area. [1] Start with a straight object, I've used a q-tip, to get the angle directly pointed at the end of the eyebrow. With your liner, create a line following the q-tip. This will the the longest point of your wing. [2] Create a series of points or lines above the lash line. These will mark the highest point of your liner. [3] Connect the dots or points you have created and follow through on that line until you hit the tip of the line you created in step 1. Fill in the lines to create your winged liner.

Because of my super oily eyelids, the liners I favor for the classic, simple winged liner are liquid liners. Pencils don't last quite as long and aren't as sharp. Gel liners always transfer and smudge on my lids. My personal favorite liners and ones I used for these techniques are Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner in '13' ($23), Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in 'Trooper' ($19), and Lancome's Artliner in 'Noir' ($30.50).