LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss | Review + Swatches| SwordBeauty

LA Girl recently promoted 16 new shades of their new liquid lipsticks and they are all $5 each. The Matte Pigment Glosses are promoted with providing “rich, intense color in a flat finish for all day wear.” I picked up 8 of the shades about a month ago and I  have to say they all do last quite a while.

[From left to right] 'Dreamy' is a pinky-nude. 'Bazaar' is a bright peach-y pink shade. 'Timeless' is a hot pink with blue undertone. 'Frisky' is a bright classic red. 'Rebel' is a berry/plum. 'Secret' is a deep red. 'Backstage' is a darker blood red. 'Black Currant' is a deep purple

The downside to the range are the inconsistencies between the shades. Don’t be deceived by the package, many of the shades are different on the lips. The formula dries down matte but some shades stay a little sticky, which didn’t bother me at all but i could see how it could be uncomfortable for some. Some of the shades lean towards too-liquidy, which makes them patchy but a second coat of the product fixes that for me. They all settle into deeper fine lines on the lips, some shades more than others.

Regardless of the small issues, it is a great range with lots of colors and for $5, they are well worth it. If you want to try liquid lipsticks, these would be great to start with. My personal favorite of the bunch is Rebel. I only ever needed to reapply to the inner most part of my lips due to eating and drinking. Anytime I use them I need a very strong makeup wipe or cleansing oil to break down the product, they are pretty difficult to remove. They will last hours and they do not bleed.

LA Girl Matte Pigment Glosses can be purchased on their website or ikatehouse (at a discounted price!). I have not seen them in any drugstores but I have seen them in every Ricky’s in Manhattan.