Review + Swatches: Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack | 'Sexy Red' & 'Lovely Peach' | SwordBeauty

Waterproof, long lasting, semi-permanent lip color. Sounds like a dream, right? Berrisom promises this with their product, Oops My Lip Tint Pack. The idea is that you apply the thick gloss onto the lips and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Then you peel off the set product for the final tinted lip color.

Berrisom released these as the “season 3” of the lip tint packs, with a line of eight shades and an increase in the amount of product (15g). I picked up ‘Sexy Red’ and ‘Lovely Peach’. ‘Sexy Red’ is described as a pure red, it has a very perfume-y scent that is quite strong, I didn’t mind the fragrance or the taste. ‘Lovely Peach’ is described as a yellow orange, it has a strong fake peach scent that I actually really liked. 

The packaging is just like any other squeeze tube lip gloss. The applicator makes it so difficult to spread the product evenly. It is a very messy process, on your lips and on the tube (I cleaned the applicator part with an alcohol pad when it dried up). You can see how difficult it is to get clean lines in the photos. It does take some practice. You should exfoliate you lips before using the product. Try not to make it too thick on the lips or you’ll need to wait around 15 minutes for it to dry.

After the 10 minutes, you peel the product off and it should leave a tint on your lips. I didn’t find the peeling process to dry out my lips, I actually preferred the final result without any other lip product on top. 

Sadly, ‘Lovely Peach’ was a disappointment. I didn’t notice any difference, until I actually cropped the before and after photos together, and even then, it was just lacking. I think most people will favor the darker shades they sell, especially if your lips are more pigmented.

‘Sexy Red’ came out well, I liked the tint color and I think it looked very natural on my lips. I like how long the Lip Tint Pack lasts on me (not the promised 12 hours but a solid 7 hours), I had fun trying this product (when I had all the time in the world to wait for it to dry). The best thing about the product is that it’s worry-free after the peeling process. I didn’t even think about it and almost forgot I had something on my lips most of the time I had it on. I also like that it fades naturally, so even as the tint starts to wear off, your lips do not look like different shades.

The cons mostly outweigh the pros for me. The application process is just too messy and takes too long for me to want to use it often, there isn’t enough product in there to last constant use (my tubes already feel quite empty and I’ve only tested them a handful of times), and it’s more of a novelty product in it’s unique application process than a product for convenience.

You can purchase the Berrisom My Lip Tint Packs in single shades on Amazon for $13.42 or as a 6-pack for $32.50.