ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks | Review, Swatches + Dupes | SwordBeauty

Super flat, matte liquid lipsticks for $6? ColourPop does it again with an affordable line of 25 Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks that dropped on June 25th. Unfortunately, the website did crash and with a ton of refreshing, I was able to nab the nine shades I wanted. No surprise, they were the pinks, nudes and brown shades. I ended up with 'Midi', 'Trap', 'Solow', 'Donut', 'Bumble', 'Tulle', 'Avenue', 'Limbo', and 'Lax'.

Starting with packaging, the Ultra Matte Lippies are in tubes that are nearly identical to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks except that they are slightly longer/taller (the ColourPop ones have a longer applicator wand). The combination of the formula and the stopper at the top, made for some very messy liquid lipsticks. I had all nine stored on their sides and after opening to test once, product was spilling out over the stopper and onto the base of the product (keep in mind this doesn't happen unless the lipsticks have already been opened once). This happened with 3 out of the 9 before I began to keep them all upright. Worrying about how they travel in a makeup bag is definitely a downside to these. (It is probably a factory error with the filling of the tubes so I am assuming that as I use the product and there's less in the tube, it will stop happening). [EDIT: After the initial first uses, all the shades evened out and can be stored perfectly fine and travel well!]

The formula is very watery and thin, I think that helps with the light weight wear on them. They are not drying on me on first application but after a couple hours, they do start to feel slightly drying. I expect all liquid lipsticks to be drying if they promise a matte finish and long wear time. I didn't find these to be any more or less drying than other more liquid formulas of liquid lipsticks. (With creamier liquid lipstick formulas like ABH, there is less drying but also shorter wear time so it is really up to you as to what you prefer). When the product dries down, it is very comfortable to wear and all of the shades are very pigmented so one layer of products is more than enough. They all wear for around 6 to 9 hours and start to fade on the inner part of the lips first. They set to a flat matte and don't move around. I was often surprised that I forgot I was wearing product on my lips when testing these, almost like a second skin feeling. I don't know if you'll feel that way if you have very dry lips but I was pleasantly surprised with this formula, one of my favorites of all the liquid to matte lipsticks I own.

As you can see, the swatches on the lips seem to be a bit washed out because of my lighting. The lighter shades pull warmer in natural lighting. 

The application process can be messy if you have a tube that is spilling over with product. I would suggest not touching your lips to one another when the product is drying because it moves the lipstick around and leaves you with marks and lines on your lips.  Reapplication can be difficult because with some shades two or more layers of this would just be so flaky and hard to wear. Because the product is more towards the water-y side, it is very easy to swipe it on the lips. 

Price and shade range are both pros to this line. I think 25 shades is enough for everyone to find a shade they like and for $6, it's a steal. I think I went for the more dupable shades, so if you could find a dupe of a lipstick from another brand with the CP ones, I would definitely go for it. I did a couple quick swatches of shades from brands that I thought would be similar. I will definitely go through my whole liquid lipstick stash next week to look for more dupes and I'll keep updating these photos for you guys.

My favorite shades are 'Trap', 'Bumble' and 'Tulle'. ColourPop says the 25 shades are set to return to the website the first week of August! What shades are you guys interested in?