Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes | Review + Swatches | SwordBeauty

Maybelline recently introduced another ten matte lipsticks to add to their line of Color Sensational Creamy Mattes. No surprise but every drugstore around me is sold out of most of them. Target had most of the original ten released shades that I never had the chance to try so I picked up 'Daringly Nude', 'Lust for Blush' and 'Touch of Spice’.

The Creamy Mattes have a thicker texture and it they are all very buttery and soft. There’s no tugging that comes with the more dry matte lipsticks on the market but they are also not hydrating. Even with this creamier texture, all the shades wore up to 5 hours on me before fading. For a lipstick going from $5.50 to $7.99 they are absolutely amazing. They are all very comfortable to wear and apply evenly.

'Daringly Nude' is a pinky nude shade. It is slightly too light for me with my summer tan but I’ll definitely pick this back up in the Winter/Fall.

'Touch of Spice' is a mauve shade, like a my-lips-but-better on me. I actually saw this shade in photos and fell in love months ago but it was always gone at the drugstores near me. If you want to try out the 90’s lip color trend, ’Touch of Spice’ is my new go-to for that.

‘Lust for Blush’ is a cool toned pink shade. Its a darker pink, which makes it very wearable. I think its very summer-y and it looks great if you have a tan going on right now.

I think those who don’t like mattes because of the usual drying, tugging formulas AND matte lovers will find these to be affordable, easy to use, velvet-y lip colors. Have you tried this formula yet? What do you think?