Urban Decay Brow Beater Microfine Pencil and Brush | Review, Swatches + Comparison (to ABH and more) | SwordBeauty

Last month, Urban Decay released a new line of brow beater pencils and tamer gels. I normally wouldn’t stop for a brow pencil only because I have an HG brow pencil and nothing else I’ve tried is something I like more. Because I heard that the Brow Beater Microfine Pencil and Brush is a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, I decided to pick one up at Sephora to compare them for you guys, (I will keep all the comparison comments in parenthesis).

The Brow Beater comes in four shades; ‘Taupe’, ‘Warm Brown’, ‘Neutral Brown’, and ‘Dark Brown’ (ABH Brow Wiz comes in nine shades and the IT Cometics Skinny Pencil comes in one shade) . First thing I noticed while swatching them at the store was how warm the shades are (in comparison to their matching ABH shades). I have jet black hair so I picked up ‘Dark Brown’. They sell for $20 for 0.001 oz of product which is very, very expensive. (in comparison; ABH Brow Wiz is $21 for 0.003 oz of product, so $7 per 0.001 oz and IT Cosmetics Skinny Pencil is $24 for 0.003 oz, so $8 per 0.001 oz).

The Brow Beater is packaged in a sleek, metallic purple barrel with a spoolie end and a retractable pencil end. (The size and spoolie are both almost identical to the ABH Brow Wiz.) I really like the spoolie end because it seems just soft enough to blend the pencil color in with your natural brow hairs.

I prefer a stiff eyebrow pencil for super sharp brows and because the Brow Beater's formula contains oils in order to be moisturizing, there is a little softness to it. It is still a hard pencil but I feel that it is harder  to achieve precise lines and strokes for sharper brows. That being said, I am impressed with it’s lasting power on its own without brow gel or pomade (In comparison, it lasted just as long as the ABH Brow Wiz if not just a slight bit longer). It’s really not suitable to last all day in such hot NYC weather, but paired with my ABH Dip Brow or Chosungah22 Brow Maker, it’s much more long lasting. 

Excuse the too-light concealer job and super uneven tan, I came back from the beach way too dark and forgot I to use different shade. 

Overall, things that I liked about the Brow Beater include its spoolie, the long lasting formula and how smoothly it goes on. The reasons why it doesn't beat the ABH Brow Wiz for me include it's softness and less precise strokes, its warm toned color range and it's price per ounce. It really is on the pricey side (per ounce) so I would recommend it to only those who are completely in love with its formulation and who prefer a more natural, lightly-filled-in brow.