NEW ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks | Beeper, Kapow, and Guess | Review + Swatches | SwordBeauty

Two weeks ago, ColourPop stirred up all Ultra Matte Lip fans with a release of eight limited edition shades of Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipsticks. These new eight shades range from dark purples to light blues and nudes. They include, 'Kapow', 'Guess', 'Be-Dazzled', 'Dr. M', 'Jellies', 'Mr. Blonde', 'Beeper' and 'Clueless'. I picked up three of the eight shades.


I am a very big fan of the formula of the nine that I purchased in the first release of the UML but I had small issues with this new release. All three still have the more liquid formula, but the drying time and flaking all vary. Like the original release, these have issue with pressing your lips together when drying. With it's issues, all the colors are still as lightweight as the originals

Starting off with 'Guess', which was the most disappointing of the three. The color applies  unevenly and any attempt to layer would result in really bad flaking for me. The flaking started in the inner most part of my lips which resulted in small flakes of dark violet in my teeth.

'Kapow' was the shade I was most excited for, described as a "muted grey taupe", it's a shade that looks right up my alley. I noticed in my initial arm swatches that 'Kapow' seemed to take longer to dry and confirmed it when applying it to my lips. Give 'Kapow' some extra drying time! Only slight flaking on Kapow, a pretty enough color for me to deal with it.

'Beeper' was the best performer of the three and such a close dupe to Kat Von D's 'Bow N Arrow' (which is always sold out), it's only slightly darker and that difference is barely noticeable when on the lips. Beeper is the closest to the original release formulas and I had the least problems with it. 

I have a very dark tan going right now and I couldn't seem to get a photo where I didn't look orange so these lip swatches may look a little funny. I am normally an NW30-35 but I am a couple shades darker than normal.

You can purchase the UML at! Let me know what you guys think about the new eight shades!