MemeBox I'm Lip Liquid | Review + Swatches | SwordBeauty

MemeBox launched a new lip lacquer range on July 30th, the Memebox I'm Lip Liquid. Fifteen shades of liquid lipstick that “gives a highly pigmented color payoff”, they boast a “special formulation which allows the lip liquid to glide smoothly…water-wrapping technology which gives the color a beautiful gloss without leaving a sticky feeling.” 

The Deluxe Set of 6 comes with shades: '#CR601 Anna', ‘#PK602 Ariel’, '#PK603 Belle’, '#OR600 Merida’, '#RD601 Adriana, and '#RD602 Ursula’. The set sells for $25 which means you get each lacquer for around $4.17. The original price on them is $16 each so you save $71! [EDIT: The Deluxe Set of 6 has been raised to $35 which means each lip liquid will cost $5.83]

The I’m Lip Liquid lacquers come packaged in a clear rectangular tube with a black cap with. The plastic holds fingerprints very easily. Inside, there is a fluffy applicator that holds the perfect amount of product for your lips.

The formula is very much what MemeBox says it is. The lacquers are super pigmented and they are not sticky. They are comfortable to wear and would be perfect for those who don’t like sticky/tacky lip colors. The only issue with them is because they are not sticky, they have some slip to them, which goes against the long lasting claim. I find that it lasting time is slightly shorter on me than other liquid lipsticks. The colors on all the shades fade into softer versions of themselves and are still very pretty as you wear them. For some of the shades, pressing my lips together would move the product around, but nothing really too noticeable or drastic. The only trouble I had with streaking/slip is with ‘Anna’, it is one of the lightest nude shades within the collection (I would stick with a more soft gradient lip look when using ‘Anna’). I don’t find the formula to be hydrating or drying.

The product formula is similar to the L’oreal Extraodinaire Color Riche Liquid Lipsticks, which are a lot stickier and are slightly more runny but last longer.

'Anna' is layered for this opacity.

The application on the lacquers are so easy because they glide on so smoothly. One layer for super pigmented lip color with a great shine. They are easy to reapply when necessary and can be layered for a more pigmented color.

Overall, the Memebox I’m Lip Liquid lacquers will be perfect for those looking for a high shine, lightweight, pigmented lip color that isn’t sticky at all. Just remember, they won’t be long lasting. 'Ursula' is my favorite shade of the six, it looks great as a full lip color and with a gradient look.

Memebox is still having a 50% sale on their Lip Liquids so get them now if you’re interested!