Chosungah 22 Dual Lip Tint & Gloss | Review, Swatches + Comparisons | SwordBeauty

It has been months since Chosungah brought a small part of their line into Sephora and I have been so impressed. After Chosungah 22 released their Brow Maker on the Sephora site, I bought it purely bared on curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised. After, came their tints, which is were we are now! The Chosungah 22 Dual Lip & Tint comes in four shades and I purchased 'Velvet'. They are described on Sephora's website with, "...long-lasting gel-based tint offers two different shades of rich, bold color. Infused with soothing cupuaçu butter, the gloss moisturizes and volumizes lips—even while on the go."

The tint and gloss combo come in a cylindrical plastic tube with clear ends and a silver section in the middle with the brand logo and other product information. The applicator for the tint is the typical soft, fluffy doe foot found on most other Korean tints and the applicator on the gloss is a brush tip. The tint and gloss comes with 0.20 oz of product (0.10 oz for tint and the same for the gloss). They retail for $19 on Sephora, which is pretty expensive for a tint based off of price per ounce.

The tint is probably my favorite of the ones that I own. It has the pigmentation of a creamy tint with the comfortable wear of a water-based tint. I don't have too many gel based tints so I can't say for them all but this is one of the long lasting tints in my collection. The tint is super pigmented and really great for those who prefer blocking out their whole lips in color rather than the gradient lip. It is a perfect red lip shade that you don't have to worry about because it fades so naturally. Like most tints, this one is very comfortable to wear, you would forget you have it on. The gloss is on the stickier side but that helps it stay on fairly well, it is extremely glossy and on the thicker side. The issue I have with it is that I love the tint but I don't ever really layer my tints with gloss so I've neglected that side of the product when using it most of the time.  

When comparing the Chosungah tint to others I own, I would have to say that there is much less bleeding, which means you're actually able to do a full lip look without concealer. Because there is less bleeding, achieving a gradient lip can be a little more difficult, but not impossible. Because the shade is very dark on first application, the fade on the wear test may seem more drastic but it actually fades very naturally. It is darker and more true to color to the bottle than any other tint I've used. The faded 'after' shade of the Chosungah tint is similar to the 'before' for many dark-looking red tints out on the market. I would not recommend this particular shade to those who like a light wash of color as this is the darkest in the range, the lighter shades look more subtle. The gloss reminds me of the stickiness that comes from MAC glosses but thicker in texture.

I put my top three tints of the moment up to compare on a wear test. I used a water, oil and gel based tint so you could see the way they spread on skin. I felt the need to include an American brand and the only thing I think I own that's like Korean tints is Benefit's Benetint.  To mimic a whole day of wear, I wore them swatched doing little activity with a long sleeve for 5+ hours and then held them under running water for 10 seconds. 

The Chosungah 22 Dual Lip Tint & Gloss is currently available at Sephora. Let me know what you guys think!