Nooni Advanced Repair Therapy Gel Cleanser & Advanced Repair Therapy Super Revitalizing Cream | Review

As someone who is serious about skincare, I cannot believe I have not tried a Nooni product until this came in the mail. Memebox was kind enough to send me the Nooni Advanced Repair Therapy line, which consists of the Gel Cleanser and the Super Revitalizing Cream. The highlight ingredient of this line is Centella Asiatic, an herb dubbed the “miracle elixir of life”. The line also includes the usage of Jeju lava water to “nourish skin more effectively than pure water”.

The Advanced Repair Therapy Gel Cleanser (150 mL, $15) is enriched with 60% Centella Asiatica extract. Centella Asiatica is an herb that is used in ointments to heal wounds and skin conditions and it’s extract in this cleanser is supposed to “calm and relieve irritation and redness”. The COSDna analysis is here! 

The cleanser is a clear viscous gel that does not foam up. I tested the pH level and it is indeed at a 6 with the gel alone around a 7 when mixed with water. There is no real strong fragrance but there is a slight medicinal smell. It doesn’t say so in the description but it does a pretty good job at removing makeup that isn’t waterproof (although I would suggest washing your makeup off before cleansing with this). My skin was really sensitive before I started using this and I did notice that this cleanser is extremely gentle. It leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. I wouldn’t say it is moisturizing but it does not feel dry or tight when you finish washing your face.

I can’t vouch for the healing or strengthening properties but I do think that it soothes the skin. I noticed that a lot of the dry patches on my skin due to my acne treatment were getting less flaky and there was a lot less redness and irritation around my acne spots (BUT this might just be because I adopted an extremely rigorous moisturizing regimen, which included the Nooni cream)

The Advanced Repair Therapy Super Revitalizing Cream (50g, $40) contains ingredients to regenerate skin cells and repair damaged skin: Centella Asiatica to cure and prevent skin damage, Calendula to nourish, Evening Primrose Oil to calm troubled skin, Ceramide 3 to strengthen moisture barrier, Portulaca Oleracea prevents irritation. Noon boasts that the cream is moisturizing, revitalizing, firming, and pore refining. The COSDna analysis is here!

The cream is super thick with a balm-like texture. I was expecting it to be super heavy but it is light enough to soak into the skin quickly. There is no residual greasiness or strong scent, the cream has a light lemon fragrance, but it’s not noticeable once applied. For how quickly this soaks into the skin, its actually quite moisturizing. For those with combo or oily skin this would work quite well as a night cream. For me, I needed to use a face lotion in combination with this as it was not hydrating enough for my healing skin. It does leave your skin feeling firm and taut, but I didn’t notice much in terms of pore refining. I think it helped to heal the areas of my skin that were dry and irritated after a couple weeks of use. This cream is pretty high up on my skincare favorites since I started using it and I think it lives up to its high price.

Both products would be a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. The low pH cleanser is perfect for those would need something a little more gentle for their skin. The revitalizing cream is good for those looking for a lighter night cream. I think both products work well for people who currently have breakouts or are healing from a bout of acne. There are both gentle and packed with some pretty great healing ingredients. Both products are currently available on

-These products were sent to me from Memebox for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are based only off of my experience with the products-