MAC Spellbinder Shadows in Dynamically Charged & Higher Power | Review + Swatches

It feels like MAC will not let up this year! Collection after collection, with mostly limited edition drops. I cannot say I was interested until I laid my eyes on the new Spellbinder Shadows. MAC’s newest limited edition eyeshadow line are black, ionized pigments that are “magnetically charged”. They are supposed to “cling to lids like velvet”.

The most notable attribute to these shadows is the wavy texture/design that keeps it’s form no matter how you move the loose pigment. The pots all include a magnet in the base, which is why the ionized shadows return to their original design. Each shadow costs $22USD and contains 0.02oz of product, which is quite pricey for the amount of product you’re getting. 

The Spellbinder Shadows come in eight different shades and I picked up two of them. ‘Dynamically Charged’ is described as a taupey cool bronze. ‘Higher Power’ is described as a rich deep brown. The pigment is finely milled and is soft to the touch, a similar feeling to cushion/bouncy shadows. I would recommend wearing these over a primer, I found that it applied and stayed on much better with a base. Both shades go on patchy and uneven on me without primer, they also wear away pretty quickly.  I was expecting the black based pigment to be harder to work with but it was quite the opposite, I found that the base wasn’t dark at all. They can be easily blended out for a sheerer look, or packed on with fix+ or water for a stronger, multidimensional eye. There is little to no fallout on me depending on how I apply them and they look great/last longer over other shadows as well.

I am not always the biggest fan of pigments, I always make a mess and glittery pigments usually slide around my super oily eyelids. These reduce the mess quite a bit and I find that they don’t move around as much as a traditional glittery eyeshadow does on me. I do notice it sheering out on me as the day goes on and I wish it clung onto the lids like MAC claims it does, but its staying power is similar if not better than most glittery shadows.

Overall, I’m really liking the Spellbinder Shadows. I am a sucker for packaging and there’s just something so satisfying about never being able to get rid of the rippled design. They are an easy to use, mess free, loose pigment. I enjoy using them as a quick sheer lid color since they are convenient and I can blend it out easily with my finger.

Let me know what you guys think of the MAC Spellbinder Shadows! They are currently available for purchase on and