Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid & Stick Foundation | Review, Comparison + Swatches

As a big fan of most MUFE products, I never once looked into the Ultra HD foundation that everyone raved about. Well, Makeup Forever has since reformulated the product and I got my hands on it the liquid and stick versions of the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation thanks to Influenster! Since the formulas are different, I will put in my comparisons of the two based off my skin type so you can get a better feel for which one might suit you.

MUFE says the“Ultra HD Liquid Foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion…this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with an even lighter weight”. The liquid foundation is supposed to work well on all skin types without needing touch ups. The shade range is pretty large, with 40 shades ranging in undertones. My MUFE shade is Y415 and it suits my skin perfectly. Each bottle comes with 1.01 oz of product and retails for $43 USD.

The Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation has light to medium coverage. I would say that the finish is more towards a matte so it is suited more toward oily or combination skin. I fell in love with the liquid, I was skeptical of the claims MUFE made with it but I was very happy with the lightweight, extremely natural wear. The foundation is buildable, I would say you can get it to high coverage but it might look cakey depending on your skin type. I personally enjoy lighter face makeup so one to two pumps is a good amount go product for my whole face. It covers redness and hyper pigmentation on my skin very well, but it has a harder time covering skin texture, especially if you're on the drier side.

MUFE says the Ultra HD Stick Foundation “provides medium-to-full coverage with a lightweight, second-skin texture…it’s formulated with hyaluronic spheres for time-released hydration that is perfect for normal to dry skin”. The stick foundation differs from the liquid in that it has higher coverage and hydrating qualities. There are 15 shades in the line and I happened to get Y445 which is one shade darker than the shade that matches me perfectly. Each stick has 0.44oz of product and retails for $43 USD.

The Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation definitely has a more natural, satin finish with medium to high coverage. It keeps the skin looking glowy all day, although it can easy be set with a powder for a matte finish. The formula is surprisingly creamy and blends easily. With a BeautyBlender, you can get this to a lighter coverage and you can also build it up to high coverage as it layers pretty well. The lightweight wear is consistent across both foundation formulas. It wears off during the day on me due to its finish and my skin type. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with oily skin, although you could make it work with a mattyifying primer and powder. 

Both foundations look very natural on the skin, they live up to the “second skin” claim. I can easily say that the liquid foundation works better for my skin. I have combination skin where the oily parts get extremely greasy and where the dry bits are almost flakey. With this, there are downsides to both foundations. I find that with the stick, I need to set it and touch up more than twice a day and it wears away and settles in oily and drier parts respectively. I think the stick formula will work well for those with a normal skin type. With the liquid, I feel like I can cover more imperfections with less product. It has a longer wear time on me. It doesn’t always look the best on drier areas of the skin but if I prime with a hydrating oil or primer, it looks much more even. Because both products are the same price, I think you will get more use out of the liquid foundation if you are intending to use the stick foundation on your whole face (rather than just contouring and touch ups as its description suggests).

Overall, both foundations are suited to different skin types and they both work well as a natural, lightweight foundations that photograph well. Both are available for purchase on and

-These products were sent to me from Influenster for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are based only off of my experience with the products-