Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review + Swatches

It’s been eight long months of waiting but the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is back (along with a whole collection of peach themed products)! I picked up a palette on Sephora in the beginning of April and neglected writing a blog post since it was limited edition and Too Faced said they weren’t restocking it at first. Now, it’s back by popular demand, the hype is back, and I thought I would include my two cents.

The Sweet Peach Palette is packaged in a metal tin with a magnetic closure. The cute peach shapes and the pink to peach ombre is adorable and adds a lot of character to the palette. It comes with 18 eyeshadows, each containing 0.03 grams of product (as opposed to the Chocolate Bar palettes that come with 14 shadows of the same size and then 2 larger highlight shades. The Sweet Peach Palette houses less total product than any of the Chocolate Bar Palettes). The shadows smell like super sweet peach candies, it doesn’t linger when you actually apply it but it is very strong. The palette retails for $49USD. 

The palette contains a good mix of colors and finishes. I do have to say that I was disappointed with the number of peach shades, I wanted to have some more peachy colors to play with. You really only get ‘Just Peachy’, 'Candied Peach’, and ‘Bellini’. After taking a quick look, the palette as a whole without those three shades looks pretty much like any other neutral palette. I can see the benefit of making it a palette that houses everything you would need, but if you have a lot of neutral eyeshadow palettes, you don’t really need to pay $50 for this one just to get a few peachy-toned shadows.

The shadows are all soft in texture and they blend quite easily. They all swatch very nicely and as with any shadow, they will apply and wear better with primer. Some shades work better on the lids than others. I had a slightly harder time with the pigmentation and wear with the darker shades and some of the mattes. The formula across the board is not bad but it's nothing notable, a mix of some great shades and some under performing ones. The shimmery shadows worked best on me, and I really enjoy using the three peach shades. I would say it's a nice palette to have but it's not something I reach for very often.

Overall, if you are looking for a palette that contains peachy, fun, bright shades with a solid formula, this is not going to do it for you. The packaging is extremely adorable and I really like the scent so I feel like the hype mostly lives around that. I don’t think it is a must have but if you want a neutral palette with a pop of color, the Sweet Peach Palette may be a good buy for you. 

The Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette will be available on at Midnight on December 14th. It will also be available on,, and on December 15th!

Let me know you thoughts on the Sweet Peach collection!