Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor | Review + Swatches | SwordBeauty

Any and every casual reader of SwordBeauty knows about my obsession with matte liquid lipsticks. So many different brands started lines of liquid lipsticks last year, and the more the merrier right? Not always. The new Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors dropped in drugstores late 2015, early 2016 in eight shades. Revlon describes them as a "lightweight, high definition velvety matte color". I picked up two shades, 'HD Devotion' and 'HD Addiction'.

The liquid lippies are packaged in an oval shaped tube. The shade of the product is visible through the frosted matte tube. The cap is silver and it comes with a double-sided symmetrical type of applicator. Each lipstick comes with 0.2 oz of product and ranges in price for around $7.99-$8.99 each.

The formula of the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors are going to be loved by some and absolutely hated by others. They apply like a lip gloss, like any other liquid lipstick, but they don't seem to set. After over 30 minutes of waiting, I would say they have a satin finish. They have some shine throughout the whole wear time and they do not dry or set fully. Some will be happy to find that they are not drying at all. For the first 40 minutes of wear, they seem to sit on top of the lips rather than sinking in, this is when the HD Mattes are extremely transferable. I wore both shades out after blotting with tissue to give it it's full matte effect and that helped a lot with the transferring. They wore on me for around 4 to 5 hours.

HD Devotion is a light pink shade, slightly too light for me to pull off but would look beautiful on those with paler complexions. HD Addiction is a deep berry shade. HD Addiction is more opaque and seems to get more matte than HD Devotion. With HD Addiction, there is a slight tackiness that occurs after 30 minutes that actually makes it feel a lot like other matte liquid lipsticks. It still transfers, but seems to last longer. 

The trick to these is using less than you would with a normal liquid lipstick. After applying the product and going about my day, I realized that when the glossy top layer either transfers or is worn away, the product left over is similar to the texture of mouse-type lip creams. Using a thinner layer at the start helps the product dry down to it's satin finish and seems to stick to the lips a little better. The shades are much less opaque this way but it seems to help the product stay on and dry down better. 

Overall, the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors were a disappointment for me. The price is extremely high for a drug store lip product. There are ways to makes these work, if you really want a matte lip, but they just weren't worth the trouble for me. If you want a true matte liquid lipstick, they are not for you, but if you are just looking for a liquid lipstick that isn't drying and you aren't really too picky with its finish, you may love these. The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors are currently available at drugstores and Have you guys tried them, what do you think?