Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners | Review + Swatches

Summer’s here and for me, that means wearing glitter as much as possible! I have been wearing sparkly glitter liners all year long but something about the heat and the sun just makes me want to go all out. I am very very late in discovering the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners(0.25oz, $20). The liners are described as “a build able, water-based liner that contains superfine glitter in a clear base.” I purchased two of the seven available shades. Distortion, an iridescent glitter and Midnight Cowboy, a gold glitter.

Once the formula is set, the liners stay on all day. I do notice a couple stray pieces of glitter around my eyes at the very end of the day but the fall out is extremely minimal. I really like the gel-type liquid because the glitter doesn’t separate from the clear base. I usually use these as accent liners under the eyes or just to pat them on the eyelids for a sparkly pop. I swatched the liners layered and with just a single layer so you guys can see how thin a single pass of product is.

Urban Decay recommends removing the wiper from the bottle if you really want to pack the glitter on. Taking the wiper out is ideal if you find yourself wanting to get the glitter to be as opaque as possible. You could also keep the wiper in and layer the liner until it is opaque enough for you. It is harder to use this liner to actually create cat-eye looks on its own. I would recommend using an opaque liner and then layering the Heavy Metal liner on top for a precise even liner look. BH Cosmetics glitter liner in 'Synergy' (0.15oz, $5.50) is a great dupe for Distortion.

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners are a great way to incorporate glitter in your makeup looks without a mess. They are easy to work with, long lasting, and UD offers a great range of different shades. They are also versatile, you can choose the glitter level you are comfortable with (wiper on or off) and you can use it as a liner or an eyeshadow topper.