ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip | Review, Swatches + Dupes

Anyone bored of the matte lip trend yet? Wanting to wear matte lips without the hassle of dry lips? ColourPop has been releasing new lip products one after the other and most of them are anything but flat matte lips. For those looking for a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry down completely, the Ultra Satin Lip is here for you.

The packaging on the USL are the exact same as the Ultra Matte Lip packaging, they are priced at $6 for 0.11oz, which is also the same as the UML. ColourPop has been very vocal about the formula not being transfer-proof and the finish being semi-matte. I purchased four out of the twenty seven shade line up: 'Tansy', 'Frick'N Frack', 'Toolips', and 'Petit Four'.

In my opinion, the Ultra Satin Lip formula is the perfect option for those who want to wear matte liquid lipsticks but cannot handle the dry finish. The texture of the USL formula is less viscous than that of the UML but not super thick in anyway. I’m pretty sure the shades all range in thickness or how mousse-y they are because 'Petit Four' and ‘Tansy’ are a little more on the stiff side compared to the other two. The wear is extremely light and comfortable for hours since it does not completely dry down. The colors go on completely opaque in one layer.

The product does transfer but the shade usually remains on the lips while eating or drinking. There is enough tackiness to feel it when you press your lips together but that doesn’t mess with the product or move it around. The formula allows for the product to wipe off without taking off chunks of product (like how some matte lipsticks leave parts of your lip completely bare after eating or drinking), which is a plus. The USL can last all day on me without reapplication but for those who do need it, it’s super easy to layer second coat. 

I have a bunch of comparison posts for these for anyone who is interested in seeing if they already have a similar lipstick shade to the four I purchased. 

The ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip is a great addition to the Ultra lip line. To me, the drugstore liquid liquid lipsticks do not compare in price or quality. These are a really great alternative to the flat matte lip in a non-drying, long lasting formula. Have you guys tried the Ultra Satin Lips? What do you think?